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Today and Always

Today was our day,

Your gentle warmth woke me up

As your light caressed my face

I opened my eyes and poured out my heart to you

Tears flowed in place of words, but you understood

Today, I was reminded of your love

You showed yourself in nature

In how carefully you crafted it

In how you neatly placed each detail

Today, your love blanketed me

You wrapped me in your arms

Gave me the security I needed

Wiped away my fears

Reassured my doubting mind

Today, you colored my grays

Your love painted over my sorrows

You showed me real love

Not in the shape of a heart

But in the form of a cross

Today, you crowned me with grace

A crown you purchased with your life

Because you too have been crowned

But crowned with thorns

You took my place, that I may be forgiven

Today, I remembered your sacrifice

You gave yourself for me

I give myself to you

I love you because you loved me first

Today, I use my words to profess my love for you

Although you have been the Word from the beginning

You are my life, my love, my beginning, my end

Even though you’ve been with me since before then

Today, I praise you with my life

Today, I fall in love again

Today, is our day

Today and always you are good

Today and always you are God

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