Inspire, Nonfairytale, Poetry

Falling Star

“Gifted” they said, above average 

A special package

Often compared to a star

But if they only knew how far

They were from reality

More like a falling star pulled down by gravity

Everyone was wrapped up in placing their wish

When the star passed through with its bright swish 

No one noticed the star was falling 

Rapidly, hopelessly and desperately calling

‘Twinkle twinkle little tears

How I wonder who will hear?

Up above in the clouds so high 

God please listen to my cry’

Hopes, dreams and aspirations

The star carried everyone’s high expectations 

But like any star, it began to burn out

And out of no where a black hole began to sprout 

It sucked in everything with its mighty wrath

Laying ahead a self destructive path

In the end, all that was left was pitch black space

And a lonely star trying to find its place

Feeling alone and helpless, burdened by one thought

“I never asked to be like this, failure is all I’ve got”

But what the star did not know

Was the spectacle going on down below

You see, the black hole had taken everything leaving behind a dark night

And so the world was able to appreciate the little star’s bright light

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