Dream, Love, Nonfairytale, Poetry

My Sweet Love

Where are you my sweet love?I’ve searched for you everywhere
Went up and down, asked around,
Yet you are lost, I can’t find you anywhere
But I have to find you, the clock is ticking
And I haven’t got a moment to spare
Please send me a sign, let me know you’re fine
As I spend my days searching in despair

Where are you my sweet love?
All I have are memories of moments shared
Moments of kindness, of your embrace and caress
Of your gentleness as you ran your fingers through my hair
Of the silence between us except for our beating hearts
Of your sincerity as I gazed into your profound stare
Let me hear your whispers, let me know you’re near
Me without you is like a leafless tree rendered bare

Where are you my sweet love?
I feel you’re close, God heard my prayer
I’ve searched without ceasing but my faith was decreasing
I was losing hope but now I know you’re near…somewhere
My heart begins to race my palms are getting sweaty
Soon you’ll be at my side and in my care
As I get closer I feel an explosion a surge of emotions
Then time stood still and I woke up, it was all a dream, you were never there.

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