Life, like algebra, is tough
I can’t wrap my head around this identity stuff

Whoever said it was easy must’ve had it all figured out
This is challenging without a doubt.

I’m finding it difficult to fit in
Feeling like a variable, changing with the equation

Getting pulled from every angle
Trying not to get entangled

But everyone wants a piece of the action
And there are so many distractions
I’ve been reduced to a simple fraction
Can’t get a grip, no traction
Satisfaction seems to be the main attraction
But death is the price to pay for this transaction

“Just go with the flow”
That’s the name of the show
That goes against the status quo

Everybody wants to be themselves
While imitating someone else

Nobody wants to grow their own spine
Child please, ain’t nobody got time
For most it’s just a punch line

Society has lost something that’s priceless
And this is far more terrifying than ISIS
Society is in the midst of an identity crisis

It’s who I am not what I wear
It’s who I represent not how I set my hair

It’s conviction even when it’s not the popular opinion
It’s being that one in a billion

It’s like that puzzle piece that doesn’t fit
It’s not being the variable and embracing it

It’s difficult; it’s how I live not what I say
It’s making a conscious effort every minute of every day

I found mine in His
I don’t have an identity crisis
Want to know my identity?
Christ is

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