Love, Poetry, Tough Love

Mr. Bee & Ms. Daisy

This is the tale of a bee

Who was friends with a lovely daisy

He’d go visit her everyday

They loved talking and spent hours that way

One day, after a rough night of storms

The bee went to check on daisy, as was the norm

And as he approached her, a single ray of sun

Bathed daisy and left the little bee stunned

He always new she was pretty but today he saw her in a different light 

He’d never seen her this way she was quite a sight!

His little heart began to race

As he got nearer and admired her grace 

Amazing how a storm could bring out a side never seen

She was his friend, Daisy, but today she looked like a queen

He fell in love without even knowing 

And she could tell because his face was glowing

What he didn’t know was that she loved him as well

The more she got to know him, the more in love she fell

What they had was amazing, it was awesome

But because he was a bee and she was daisy, their love would never blossom

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