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It Was Worth It ☔️

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Rainbows and Rain

Hardships are part of life, but the results  of those hardships are part of who we are. 

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“I Am Here”

When I was a little girl, my mother gave me a poem which said God never promised us rainless days, only that He'd be with us through them. This walk is not an easy one the Bible itself calls it the narrow road. I once read something that said God's protection doesn't help us avoid… Continue reading “I Am Here”

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Mr. Bee & Ms. Daisy

This is the tale of a bee Who was friends with a lovely daisy He'd go visit her everyday They loved talking and spent hours that way One day, after a rough night of storms The bee went to check on daisy, as was the norm And as he approached her, a single ray of… Continue reading Mr. Bee & Ms. Daisy

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How many of us could empathize with today's passage? We all have our share of "dark nights" where sadness overcomes us and all we see are grey clouds. The difference is in how we react to these moments. The Psalmist teaches us a very valuable lesson; the same God that is with us in the day… Continue reading Help!

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Seeing Ghosts

There are moments in our lives where the storm is so heavy, the path ahead is unclear and unknown thus clouding our judgment. As a result, we see "ghosts"; something that is not really there. These ghosts can manifest themselves as our fears; fear of failing, fear of being alone, fear of not being good… Continue reading Seeing Ghosts

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Weather the Storm

We've all had storms in our lives. For some, they may have been more like natural disasters; I dare say catastrophes even. Truth be told, these things have to happen; rain makes us grow, wind pushes us farther, fire purifies, and pressure creates diamonds. In today's passage, the disciples were passing through a fierce storm. Jesus was sleeping during the… Continue reading Weather the Storm