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My Gift To Myself

I decided to give myself something, so I gave myself respect. 
The power to love thyself wholeheartedly the power to accept
Because I thought that life was great for everyone except 

I realized I was out of this world when I gave myself some space
From those things that hurt causing me to fade, making me efface
Slowly disappearing, gone without a trace. 

I decided to give myself something, so I gave myself love. 

The kind I expected from my so called soul mate, the kind I had always dreamed of. 
This entire time I was the formula, both the problem and the solution thereof. 

Funny how in order to feel whole all I needed was a little peace 
Because people and partners pretend to care but they just use then return you like you’re on lease 
And to be honest that’s fine because one way or another yo soy feliz. 

I decided to give myself something, so I gave myself time
To heal, to myself, to get it together like organized crime 
To make happily ever after more than just a phrase one hears at bedtime. 

While I was at it, I gave myself hope
And oh how I hung on to that like prison soap (on a rope, that is). 
It’s a slow and steady process, like walking a tightrope. 

I decided to get myself something, so I got myself together. 
Picked up the pieces of my porcelain heart because I know I deserve better
Picked up a pencil as well and wrote myself this love letter. 

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