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Letter To My Daughter

To whom it may concern,

I hope this letter helps you learn.

I hope you know, you are my concern.

I hope my words are your lantern,

And that you value these pearls that took a lifetime to earn.


To my little star,

Know that you’re not just a snack, baby your caviar

Don’t let anyone play you, you’re not a guitar

You’re a princess, make sure princes know who you are

Let knowledge and eloquence be your defense should you ever need to spar

You are Saturn, worth the ring, if he can’t see it, then au revoir.


My dear if only you knew

That no one is allowed to put their hands on you,

To neither hurt you nor sneak a preview.

Respect yourself so others can do the same too.

You are worth the wait, worth the “I Do”.

Don’t sit around waiting for a glass shoe

Truth is fairy tales do come true

But sometimes the hero must be you.

If instead of a slipper, a glass ceiling is in view

Don’t limit yourself, make sure to break through.


What people see as weak is what makes you strong.

Be fragile and delicate but prove them wrong.

Strength isn’t just brute force, it is in your prayers and songs,

It is in your faith, which I’ve shown you all along.


You are not a mistake and there is beauty in imperfections.

Keep this in mind when observing your own reflection.

And should anyone offer you their rejection,

Know that not everyone can appreciate an artist’s collection.

I promise to love you, even when it comes as correction.

I do this so you never have to beg for anyone’s affection.


Learn, travel, read, and teach.

Live your life, practice what you preach,

And know that this is more than a figure of speech.


Dear daughter,

I leave you as inheritance my wisdom in pearls

So that one day you too can pass them on to your little girls.

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