Poetry, Spiritual

One Act 

One ActThe stage is set and all is ready to go

The world is about the experience one of its greatest shows

Characters on standby, everyone in suspense

Let’s start in Gethsemane where the scene is intense

A restless Jesus prays to His Father “please pass this cup”

He wants to do right but the flesh wants Him to give up

Judas, disciple, with a kiss he betrayed

Characters in place as their roles begin to play

Peter, before the rooster’s crow, three times he denied

Mary mother of Christ, oh the tears she cried

The crowd chooses the freedom of a murderer

And shortly thereafter the crack of a whip is heard

bruised and beaten Jesus crowned with painful thorns

The script unravels just as Isaiah had forewarned

The scene moves to a somber Calvary

Where nailed to a cross we find Jesus in agony

“My God, my God why have you forsaken me?”

Cries out our protagonist whose dripping blood does not let him see

His sixth word “it is finished” marked not the end but the start

Of a spiritual battle that would make Satan’s plans fall apart

Final word, final breath, now the true action begins

For the first time, mid show, we open the curtains

More like the veil in the temple was torn in two

Marking a new time, a period of grace for me and you

The trembling of the ground was not the only thing being shaken

A new movement, a global force would soon awaken

Dark Friday, despite the death is not the end of the story

In three days time, Sunday morning, we will experience the the joy of our Savior’s glory

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