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The Great Flood

The Great Flood

It all started with a drop

Seemingly irrelevant, lack of significance, no meaning or importance

It was just a drop
But one drop became two and two became three

Until there was a light drizzle, but I didn’t worry

Because they were still drops
Then drops became drips and drips lead to downpour

Too aware of the rain, I didn’t notice the gathering on the floor

Drip, drop
Gathering drops formed splash puddles as many puddles became one

They joined together creating currents and now the flood had begun

But it all started with a drop
Endless rain, rising water levels, swept away by the current

I held my breath, held on for dear life, held on to my last bit of courage

Carried away by a gathering of drops
Bumped and banged into foreign objects, swept by the water like a daily chore

I cried and implored, but could not compete with the water’s raging roar

I couldn’t fight anymore, and decided to explore, beneath the surface closer to the floor

I’d given in to the drops
Each drop was a metaphorical painful memory

That left me in misery and agony, and drowned me until I couldn’t breathe

And my biggest sin,

was not what I’d done, but that I had given in
The thing about drowning is that everything slows down

And the new perspective made me realize I didn’t want to drown

My place was not on the ground
I looked to the skies

from where my help cometh from

Decided against my demise

And fought back the drops one by one
It still rains on occasion

Due to frustration,

But I quickly dry it up like a mop

No more great floods, like the one in my past

The one that started with a drop

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