Nonfairytale, Poetry, Strong




You’re too late for the show
What did you expect?
What did you want to see? The tragedy, a broken me, in agony, trying to flee?

You’re awfully late, you know
But allow me a moment to redirect
Here comes the encore, please stay I implore, don’t ignore, oh there’s so much more

You had you’re moment protagonist
Spotlight’s off you, it’s my turn
Don’t get upset antagonist
Pay attention there’s much you could learn

Take a seat front row please
Watch me perform, audience of one
Against all advice, I fell for your entice, it was a gamble and you held the dice, I was willing to sacrifice, but baby you were overpriced

Your words were honey, your actions the bees
You reminded me of a spider with the web of lies you’d spun
You mishandled my heart, misused my love, mislead my trust, misunderstood my kindness, mistook me for weak, and missed your chance

Never think to call yourself my ex
No, you are more like my “why”
Why did I waste my time? What was I thinking? I’m perplexed
It was a rhetorical question, I could care less for your reply

Show’s almost done, just a few words more
I believe I owe you a thanks
For showing me what’s bad, even though it made me sad and eventually mad, I’m now glad for the lesson learned and the experience had

As I had mentioned before
Here is my thanks
After my woe, knowing what I know, I realize your treachery helped me grow, with you I reached a new low, and although recovery may have been slow, I’ll better a appreciate a kind and loving beau. So that’s it I guess, end of show.

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