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13 Reasons Why Not

Many people don’t know this, but in my life, I had two failed attempts at ending it all and have fought with the thoughts of trying again as recently as a year ago. The reasons that led me to consider it are not as important as the reasons why I didn’t follow through. While I am not downplaying the struggle with depression, anxiety, and the darkness that surrounds them, I do want to highlight the fact that they are not greater than God. I’ve come to learn firsthand that there are more reasons to live than to die, but with the recent suicides on the news, trending suicidal challenges and an increase in shows/movies on the topic, I decided to share 13 reasons why NOT to die:
1. Because there is more to life than what you’ve come to believe

2. Because you still have a lot more left to achieve

3. Because your life has value it has so much worth

4. Because you have yet to see and experience many amazing things on our wonderful earth

5. Because you’ve survived life up to this point and you’re a fighter

6. Because every night has a morning and your dark days will soon get brighter

7. Because you have purpose, you’re not here by mistake

8. Because while it may seem impossible, you’ll get over this heartbreak

9. Because your past doesn’t define you, you’ve just gotta let go

10. Because you CAN be forgiven, God loves you more than you’ll ever know

11. Because you matter to someone whether you believe it or not

12. Because you are irreplaceable and no one can take your spot

13. Because while your pain is excruciating and very much so real, Jesus gave His life to save yours, give you hope and your heart He wants to heal.

There is help, there is hope, and you most definitely are NOT alone.


4 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why Not”

  1. Wow! Eres tan especial y talentosa! Espero muchas personas puedan leerlo eso. La depresión es terrible. Es invisible, muy dolorosa y solo el que lo ha vivido entiende el vacío. Y ni hablar de la ansiedad. Y estas siguen acechando esperando que uno caiga 😕. (Y no es q seamos débiles como piensan algunos.)

    Pero cierto, más grande es el amor de Dios y el propósito por el cual estamos aquí. En mi caso cuando puedo hacer algo por alguien, etc entiendo pq sigo aquí. Y aprovecho cada momento o motivo de felicidad por más pequeño que sea. Gracias por compartirlo. Me encantan y estoy 100% de acuerdo con la lista de razones 😃. Siempre es bueno recordarlas. Dios te bendiga! Abrazos!

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  2. You are a fighter and more than that, an inspiration. Thank you for your encouraging words and for giving us a great list of reasons to remember when we feel a little or a lot off. God bless you dearly.

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