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Paint My Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words, but I
Don’t have that many so
Hear me out as I pour myself, thoughts and emotions like a pitcher
let me paint you my picture
Coming straight at you no curve balls, pro pitcher

I’ve been
Pushed beyond my limits and I’m too far to go back
Mistakes playing over and over again in my head like a broken sound track
I can’t retract,
As a matter of fact, I’m too stained
Might as well be wearing black
Can’t stand the look of disdain that’s in the mirror when I look at it and it looks back
Feeling like I’m under attack
But I’m my worst enemy, angry because I slacked
I try to convince myself that
It’s gonna be ok, move forward, don’t look back

But it’s not that easy, I feel like I have a fistful of sand
And my entire world is crumbling, the pieces slipping out of my hand
Been hurt too much, broken, knocked down
I’m considering staying on the ground, I can no longer stand
The only peace I have are the pieces of my shattered life that couldn’t withstand
Life’s hurricane,
With its destructive winds and flooding rains
My hands loosening the grip on the reigns, does anybody understand?
Lord I need you here
Hear my cry, please take command

Nyctophobia? No, I’m not afraid of the dark
Don’t you know?
Photophobia. It’s the light that frightens me,
Even the smallest spark
Afraid others will see my past marks

Just as life crashed like waves on a rock
Christ the Rock waived
The wages of sin that I should’ve payed
His light disperses the darkness
Leaving me in a daze
As He paints over grays like a skillful artist
Adding color to my canvas
showing me brighter days


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