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300 Pound Lady

Hey, there’s something I want to share with you, something that happened the other day.

Funny, my initial reaction was: “ah it’s ok”, but it really isn’t, so I have some things to say.

By the way, I have no intentions of downplay, I’m gonna bear my soul and someone’s gon’ learn today.

Because no one should ever get away with making fun of the “weigh” anyone looks on any given day.

And just FYI while some are looking for a snack to prey, some men pray for the whole entrée.

You see my size and think it’ll be my demise because I got a lot of extra and big thighs.

Maybe you think: God couldn’t have made her like that. She’s too big. She’s too fat.

Yes, I dropped the f-bomb. People think it but are surprised when we say it. I warned the reader, I’m not going to downplay it.

You see these shoulders, they’ve collected many tears over the years, and like the song, they’ve been shoulders for many to lean on.

You see these arms? While you can’t bear to see them bare it was these arms that with care, have helped my mother, walk, dress, and do her hair.

And when the kids got rowdy and needed to rest they found an arm, or double these, as they placed their head on my chest.

Now on to where the money’s at. People want thick without a tummy, otherwise, she’s fat.

Well I’ll have you know we can’t all be flat, but curves are great, even the globe knows that.

Oh and my big legs, these have taken me to many a destination, plus they support my frame, you wouldn’t put a Michelangelo on a weak foundation.

I’d love to talk brains and creativity to give you a peep, but if you’re drowning with my surface, you’ll die in the deep.

I admit, I cried when I heard the comment but like a comet, the moment flew by. It was too fast I couldn’t even kiss it goodbye.

When God made me, there was no mold, not because I didn’t fit, I’m from the exclusive collection: Big & Bold

My dad once said no one would love me because of my size, but fearfully and wonderfully made means God didn’t improvise, He customized.

Yes, I’m big, but I have an even bigger brain, it’s immense. But of course, you don’t know, you can’t get past my fence.

The cover may not seem like our favorite, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t a good book. We’d be surprised at what we find if we dared a second look.

But whether or not people like what they see I’m just going to keep on trying to be the best version of me,

Because at the end of the day, if all that matters is what I measure, then I’m positive you’re not worth my treasure.

And for those who say my size won’t make me a bride; someone out there will love the package and even more what’s inside.

To the person who assumed I was 300 pounds and judged me as such, let me say “thank you, thank you very much”.

I know all you saw was obese and that hurt for a bit but it led to this piece.

To the person reading this who’s lived through the same, there’s no shame in our shape, beauty is a package big frame and even bigger brains.

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4 thoughts on “300 Pound Lady”

  1. So wonderfully said!!! Or as we rachets would say in Spanish: “toma tu tomate”. Hahaha. Loved it, and let me know who that was to give him/her a smack in the face. (At least with the look on my face)

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  2. I simply love it. The body changes and deteriorates until finally there is no more breath but whats on the brain and on the heart just gets better with time.

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