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Light of His Love

For me, it wasn’t about eloquence or being convinced that this was the correct path, it was about love. To know Him is to know Love.


Open Road

They say that not all who wander are lost. I agree. Sometimes a long walk or a nice drive is what we need to clear our minds and gain perspective. Don’t forget we’ve just one life to live so go on that adventure, dance in the rain, chase that dream and dare to love.

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Ticking Time Bomb

Ticking time bomb is the heart on the verge of an implosion Bottomless barrel with a capacity limit It's just so deep no one knows it Each beat is a beating against chest walls Pounding for freedom, swollen from unwept woes An array of masks cloak true identities, true feelings, unspoken truths In an effort… Continue reading Ticking Time Bomb

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To My Knight

Take my heart out of this night Be the knight to end this fight Give me strength to make things right Write a future bright as light

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Picture Perfect

It happened in a flash With minimal exposure We immediately clicked I usually close up like shutters But you snapped me out of it We were us, no need for filters Your smile dialed up the brightness to any day You were my equal and simultaneously my contrast A perfect balance to my many hues… Continue reading Picture Perfect

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Heart Thief

Let me write your name across the sky That way it's closer to heaven, Like a prayer And if anyone dares to ask me why He stole my heart, like a felon And I have every intention of keeping him there 1WritersHeart

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Seeds of Love

Let my words be seeds planted in hearts, that they may grow and feed a world hungry for love. #1WritersHeart