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Her Happiness

A smile filled her lips and tears filled her eyes She was happy This happiness came from seeing another’s For she wasn’t selfish She understood true joy It came from a place of Love And she understood love It came from forgiveness She understood forgiveness For she had been gifted it So she lived and… Continue reading Her Happiness

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International Day of the Girl was initially declared by the United Nations in 2011 to celebrate and empower young girls to rise up and fight for equality, safety, and their rights. There is a quote I once shared from a Mathew Henry Commentary that has stuck with me throughout the years. It goes: She was "not… Continue reading #DayOfTheGirl

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Love Capsule

A real smile can't be hidden.

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Something About You

Oh my dear...I've told you in the pastYou have a way about you.If this were a fairytale, some would call it magic.Me? I simply call it amazing.If this were the hood, some would call it game.Me? I simply call it amazing.If this were titanic some would call it the iceberg.But me? I simply call it… Continue reading Something About You

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Dive In

She was scared of falling in love after being hurt so many times. Plus, she wanted control of her own destiny and "falling" was the opposite of that. While writing her own story she met him. Something about him called out to her, but she refused to fall in love, so she closed her eyes… Continue reading Dive In

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She Knew

When he gave her his attention, she knew he liked her. When he gave her his affection, she knew he cared. But when he gave her his time, she knew he loved her.

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Best Friend