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Fight for the ❤️ 

"Fight For The Heart" There was a beauty about her sadness There was logic to her madness There was a flicker within her darkness There was warmth though she was heartless She was fragile and at the same time strong like glass Set firmly in her ways unwilling to give in so she cracked Life… Continue reading Fight for the ❤️ 

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International Women’s Day

Share with the women in your life!!! "She" She is Gentle, kind, sweet Intellectual, wise discrete Organized and neat She is a Lawyer, nurse, doctor, teacher, chef, author, Mother, sister, daughter She loves Chocolate, movies, sports Flowers of all sorts Telling jokes and building forts She's Strong, independent, brave Bearer of life, as birth she… Continue reading International Women’s Day

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Flashback Friday: A Musician’s Love

He holds the secret, he has the key Playing sweet melodies, never off-key Musician of the heart, he knows how to strike a chord In tune and in sync, their hearts in one accord He masterfully composes the perfect piece Giving her security and perfect peace On her heart he's etched his unforgettable prints As… Continue reading Flashback Friday: A Musician’s Love

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Throwback Thursday: Eve

I can't take credit for this, but I love the quote. (Taken from the Mathew Henry Commentary.)

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Flashback Friday: Unfinished

Here's an oldie from a little over 2 years, "Unfinished": I’m in a fog, lost in obscurity, a princess with no frog But a frog is not ideal; I’m looking for a feeling that’s surreal I’ve searched lost and found thinking you might be around My other half, finished product, alone I’m just the draft… Continue reading Flashback Friday: Unfinished

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Angels In Our Midst

 Happy Mother's Day to ALL moms and moms-to-be. Also, to those who perhaps haven't given birth, but have given their time, energy, and LOVE.