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Fight for the ❤️ 

"Fight For The Heart" There was a beauty about her sadness There was logic to her madness There was a flicker within her darkness There was warmth though she was heartless She was fragile and at the same time strong like glass Set firmly in her ways unwilling to give in so she cracked Life… Continue reading Fight for the ❤️ 

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Falling Leaves 

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Today and Always

Today was our day, Your gentle warmth woke me up As your light caressed my face I opened my eyes and poured out my heart to you Tears flowed in place of words, but you understood Today, I was reminded of your love You showed yourself in nature In how carefully you crafted it In… Continue reading Today and Always

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In Love

Falling in love is such a wonderful feeling. For some reason, when you're in love the world seems more beautiful and the things that bothered you are no longer a nuisance. Unfortunately that feeling doesn't always last long, but when you have an eternal love you fall in love everyday. Everything changes, life is more… Continue reading In Love

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See Like Him

Lord, let me see what you see.