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Choose Right

It’s easier to do wrong but the opposite is more rewarding.

Burning Bridges

I had to burn our bridge because it led to my demise.

Had to close your door because it was no longer wise.

I had to block the path because we’re no longer allies.

I had to kill our dreams, and our love euthanize.

Break and Expand

I’m changing the way I think

After being on the brink

On the verge of breaking

I’m remodeling, changing, fixing, remaking

I’m changing the way I think

Join if you’re in sync

I’m claustrophobic it’s too confined

Tear down walls, expand my mind

I’m changing the way I think

A little more permanent than ink

Like a comet, I’m shooting for the stars

Buckle up I’m going far

I’m changing the way I think

I’m ok, don’t fret or call the shrink

New perspective; different lens I’m looking through

Expanding horizons, I want the panoramic view

I’m changing the way I think

And there’s nothing wrong with that

Close the Door

Close the doorIt’s not common to hear someone pray for a closed door. In fact, closed doors have such a negative connotation. We see them as obstacles that hinder progress, but what if a closed door could be a blessing in disguise? When God closed the door of the ark, He was sparing the life of Noah and his family. Let’s reflect on this next time a door doesn’t open for us.

….Then the LORD closed the door behind them. (‭Genesis‬ ‭7‬:‭16b‬ NLT)

Not a Star

When those around you don’t appreciate you, look up and know that there is someone greater who holds you in high esteem and that is the only opinion that matters.

Your Worth

The hardest part of the fall is getting back up.


Fall and Get Up

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