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Live Loved

To know that there’s another soul out there who thinks of you, cares about your well being, wants to invest (priceless) time with you, who doesn’t complete you, because we were made complete when we were fearfully and wonderfully created, but compliments have not only heard that you are loved, but to have experienced… Continue reading Live Loved

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The Author

The Author took the quill pen and wrote with a smile and a hum When He was done the words read "The best is yet to come".

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Her Happiness

A smile filled her lips and tears filled her eyes She was happy This happiness came from seeing another’s For she wasn’t selfish She understood true joy It came from a place of Love And she understood love It came from forgiveness She understood forgiveness For she had been gifted it So she lived and… Continue reading Her Happiness

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To My Knight

Take my heart out of this night Be the knight to end this fight Give me strength to make things right Write a future bright as light

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The author ran out of ink in his pen No who, what, why, how or when Because some stories just end Before they even begin

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All done Hair and makeup undone But I’m done Nope, this isn’t a dry run Believe it or not, I’m all done Washing machine after the clothes has spun I’m done Shooting out lines like a water gun Ladies and gents I’m done Perfectly imperfect little someone I’m done Carefully knitted together by The One… Continue reading #Done

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During a recent flight, I sat quietly looking out the window and had the following thought: Since the weather was cloudy and a bit rainy, the pilot decided to go above the clouds for a smoother flight. Then I saw it, we had reached an altitude where the colors seemed inverted. Let me explain. At… Continue reading Soar