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Happy Mother's Day ladies! They say Rome wasn't built in a day, So remember this when clouds turn to gray, and when the house is messy from the kids' bustle and play. "Good things take time", that's what people say, And though today's teachings will be tomorrow's yesterday, It will be those things that show… Continue reading BEAUTIFUL THAT WAY!

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To My Child

Dear child, why are you so sad? What has your spirit so low? Why do you roam about like a hopeless nomad? Like there’s nowhere you’re welcomed, nowhere to go? Why are your eyes pools for bitter tears? To what or to whom have you lost your joy? Have you finally made reality of your… Continue reading To My Child

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Behind the Wall

Most treasures are hidden, and if you're willing to look beyond the wall, you may just be surprised with what you find.

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Apology Letter

I'm sorry I gave you up so easily Should've held on tighter and longer I did this so frequently Should've controlled your flames like a firefighter Should've taught you to be stronger I'm sorry I let you crumble Should've guarded you and kept you safe Instead, I kept tripping' kept a steady stumble Should've not… Continue reading Apology Letter

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I've ruined you We were limitless, biting off more than we could chew. I've ruined you We got caught up in our dream life, enjoying the view. I've ruined you But it was never my intention if you only knew. I realize I've ruined you When I see how you're living and what you are… Continue reading Ruined

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Love Paths

I thought our paths crossed Instead I crossed to your path.  Ironically I found myself lost Having lost myself in our aftermath.  A tough decision had to be made I needed to break free from your love spell.  Back to my path I went feeling betrayed But I learned we will never work because our… Continue reading Love Paths

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13 Reasons Why Not

Many people don't know this, but in my life, I had two failed attempts at ending it all and have fought with the thoughts of trying again as recently as a year ago. The reasons that led me to consider it are not as important as the reasons why I didn't follow through. While I… Continue reading 13 Reasons Why Not