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It is unconditional, unrivaled, and unmeasurable But we are undeserving YetYou understood and unselfishly gave it all for the known and unknown Unleashing an unbiased and unimaginable

Free write, Love, Poetry, Spiritual

Like No Other

You found me deep in a putrid pit of sin, Result of my own failures and demise You found me bare and broken hearted, Result of a thirst to love and be loved You found what was left of me, of my life Result of a failed plan to escape my pain You didn’t care… Continue reading Like No Other

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Dive In

She was scared of falling in love after being hurt so many times. Plus, she wanted control of her own destiny and "falling" was the opposite of that. While writing her own story she met him. Something about him called out to her, but she refused to fall in love, so she closed her eyes… Continue reading Dive In

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She Knew

When he gave her his attention, she knew he liked her. When he gave her his affection, she knew he cared. But when he gave her his time, she knew he loved her.