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Life is Simple

I've learned so much from the most unexpected teachers, and one of the biggest lessons for me is that life REALLY is.......SIMPLE. While the children that I've encountered throughout the years have shown me this, it was a group of young adults with Down Syndrome, in a recent series I was watching, that reinforced this… Continue reading Life is Simple

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Letter to the Past

Dear Past, I think we've danced this dance for far too long. I'm tired of being hurt by you and feeling worthless on account of the things occurred. This is the last time I fall for that. I refuse to let you continue dictating my present. I refuse to let you be a constant reminder… Continue reading Letter to the Past

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13 Reasons Why Not

Many people don't know this, but in my life, I had two failed attempts at ending it all and have fought with the thoughts of trying again as recently as a year ago. The reasons that led me to consider it are not as important as the reasons why I didn't follow through. While I… Continue reading 13 Reasons Why Not

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Walls to Bridges

Here's to moving forward and making progress while doing it. 

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Be Encouraged!

Cheer up and keep going!

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Choose Right

It's easier to do wrong but the opposite is more rewarding.

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Trying to be Better

Often times I am quick to point my finger, forgetting that I too have flaws, I too have fallen, I too have sinned. No one is better than the other. We all are humans, we all bleed shades of crimson, and what I lack, another has in abundance. Where I fail, another excels. I must… Continue reading Trying to be Better