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Hello December

Whether it be a slight chill in the air

or a blanket of white weather somewhere

We are happy you’re here with your jingles, carols, and holiday flair.


A Thanksgiving Love Story

A yearly tradition we have at church is breakfast followed by a Thanksgiving service where members of the congregation say a few words about the things they are grateful for. This year was no different. As I listened to the many reasons people were thankful, I began to think of what I would say if called upon to speak. Thoughts flooded my mind and I began to feel overwhelmed to the point of tears. There are so many things to be grateful for and even more things we take for granted, but if I had to choose one thing I’d say God’s Love. I’m grateful for that unconditional, limitless, timeless and never-ending love He has given me. If I am a beneficiary and recipient of His glory it is because His love has allowed this to be. There have been times when I’ve shut myself away from the world, locking myself in my own darkness and God’s Love has unlocked the door and made its way in. I’ve tried to run away and no speed nor distance are too fast or too far for God’s Love. There is no wound that man can make, which His love cannot heal, no void that His love cannot fill. If I have air in my lungs today it is because of His love for me. My future is safe in His hands because I know that His love has a wonderful story waiting to unfold. Yes, if I had to choose one thing today to be grateful for I’d say, without skipping a beat, I’m grateful for God’s Love.

Now let me ask you…..what are you grateful for?

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 

(1 Thessalonians 5:18 KJV)

Give Thanks

Being grateful is key to being great!

Love Runaway

Sometimes you just have to fly.

Love Like No Other

Some time ago my fellow writer friend, Godswill of Christ A Poet, and I were discussing our love for Jesus. He asked if I’d like to write about it with him, the result of that collaboration is below. We called it Love Like No Other for two reasons: 1. His love is like no other and 2. He loves us like no other can. Without further ado, let me share this love with you:

It’s 4am in the morning
And one thing keeps me smiling
Feels like four Amens won’t do
When I hear of how much you love Jesus too

See there’s no other love quite like this one
He’s not just anyone, but The One
The Trinity: Father, Spirit, Son
This love renders one undone

Perfect present cleansing is this love
For me and you and 7 trillion others more
No truer song has ever been sung
Behold what manner of love the father has given unto us

This kind of love fills any void and colors in all grays
It’s how I draw each and every breath of my praise
This kind of love is untamed and unrestrained
Yes this love has a name, name above all names

Love so amazing (Amazon) it literally speaks life
Love so transforming; it’s 100% successful every time
Love so fulfilling it overflows: rivers of life
Love so immortal He never dies

If this love were a star, it would be a galaxy
If it were a drop, it would be the deep blue sea
If it were a minute, it would be eternity
It is something and simultaneously everything

Isn’t it odd that this Love is one so even
Isn’t it unforgivable the much we’ve been forgiven
Isn’t it inhuman his love for us humans
Isn’t it deep the height of this love from God for man

A free gift that paid the world’s most expensive debt
Blood-wash that leaves one white as snow
Removing the stains of sin, hurt, pain and regret
Priceless heirloom which on us was bestowed

Take a mirror and marvel: Love at work
Take a bible and Learn: Love’s architecture
Never was there any thing surer
Than this love of which we are born

The melody of my heartbeat is this love
The missing piece to every puzzle is this love
The song of my soul’s salvation is this love
The solution to every problem is this love

Sing aloud love’s song
Dance a jig for what love’s done
Love came for one and all
Love lives in all who answer the call

Like the season for this love I fall
Like the month I will march on and proclaim this love to all
This timeless gift is present and everlasting
It grows with every share, a love worth broadcasting

I relish in the thought of one day beholding love’s face
To see before me what was always within me: vase
Amazing love tis a sound so delish
I can only imagine what that would be

Oh the questions I’ll have when we meet face to face
Dear love, to be wrapped in your warm embrace
Yet somehow I feel all the questions may fade
But one thing I won’t hold back are the tears that’ll cascade

This love knew my pain and held on still
This love I threw away but he kept fellowship
This love I never deserved still he gave me him
This love I proclaim to see someday

Love that never led me astray
Love that always showed me the way
Love that made sure I was ok
Love is the reason I’m alive today

I dare say I love this love though so frail
For one thing, I’m sure would never fail
Is the love with which this love loves me every day
Hear me say I love this love once again

When once I tried my life to take
This love dove into my despair
When once I was shattered by heartache
My heart, this love, did mend and repair

When in doubt I stare at hopes gone
Love holds my hand and Faith restores
When words I cannot find to ease my heart
Love forms these lines that some call art

What’s in a name? What’s this love called?
This four-letter verb that has us enthralled?
The name, The Word, for a love so unique
That without it, my soul fades and my heart becomes weak

Perhaps when tomorrow will be in view
I would know what words could describe you
Perhaps my wonder as I stand in your view
Would let me see endless depths you love me through

This wonderful promise so amazing and true
It’s open to all, it’s available to you
Ready your heart for this gift we speak of
Christ’s unconditional and unchanging love

We testify of something so good for you
No need for diets you can’t overfeed on this truth
We write so you read and confess too
The love of God is true and for you


Sin Ti

Qué es el mar sin peces
o la noche sin estrellas?

Qué es la abeja sin su miel
o el pájaro sin su canción?

Es como un lienzo vacío
un instrumento jamás tocado
o una canción sin música.

Como un jardín sin flores
un barco sin ancla
o una carta vacía.

Eso soy yo sin ti.

Tú eres mis cuatro estaciones
la luz en mi día
la paz en la noche.

Tenme cerca de ti.

Que mi corazón oiga el latido de tu corazón
que tus manos sean mi guía
y tus brazos mi refugio.

Que ame como tú amas
y perdone como tú perdonas.

Como el Este no puede ser sin el Oeste
no puedo ser sin ti.

Como el ciervo  busca las aguas
Así busco por ti.

Qué es la vida sin propósito?

Eso soy yo sin ti.

Gracias a mi querido Benjamin Parra quien tradujo esta poesía del inglés. Para ver la original haz clic aquí


Rise Up

Dr. Seuss once expressed: “To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.” Even if there’s only one…it’s worth it, especially when you are doing good, so keep going.

The King will reply, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40 NIV)


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