Reflection, Spiritual

Weather the Storm

We've all had storms in our lives. For some, they may have been more like natural disasters; I dare say catastrophes even. Truth be told, these things have to happen; rain makes us grow, wind pushes us farther, fire purifies, and pressure creates diamonds. In today's passage, the disciples were passing through a fierce storm. Jesus was sleeping during the… Continue reading Weather the Storm

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You Probably Won’t Read This

If I can't be honest with myself, how can I be honest with the world?  Allow me a moment of your time to share a piece of my heart. I didn't start my page just to paint a perfect picture. Life isn't always seen through rose-tinted glasses. There are issues, real issues that we don't like… Continue reading You Probably Won’t Read This

Reflection, Spiritual

You Gotta Strip

I've been very pensive for the past few days, as a result of a thought I can't seem to shake. This life we live is so short in comparison to eternity, yet it is this short moment which determines where we'll end up. Sometimes we get so distracted with superficial things and pleasures, that we forget our real purpose… Continue reading You Gotta Strip

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The Great Flood

It all started with a drop Seemingly irrelevant, lack of significance, no meaning or importance It was just a drop But one drop became two and two became three Until there was a light drizzle, but I didn't worry Because they were still drops Then drops became drips and drips lead to downpour Too aware… Continue reading The Great Flood