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I Left

I left because things didn't go right I left to be alone in a place the color of my heart Dark and desolate, or so that's the picture I paint Because life has only handed me one color So I left I left because I can't bear the pain I left to be in a place… Continue reading I Left

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Welcome Home Party

Today's passage is taken from the story of the prodigal son, a young man who asked his father for his part of the inheritance and left to spend it all, while his brother stayed behind. Upon his return, the father threw a feast but the other brother was confused as to why the father would… Continue reading Welcome Home Party

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Paint My Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words, but I Don't have that many so Hear me out as I pour myself, thoughts and emotions like a pitcher let me paint you my picture Coming straight at you no curve balls, pro pitcher I've been Pushed beyond my limits and I'm too far to go back… Continue reading Paint My Picture

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I Battle With My Flesh…DAILY

As a child I enjoyed reading Shakespeare and imagining the theatrics and drama of each scene. Today's passage seems to be one of Shakespeare's writings, but in reality it was the Apostle Paul, who eloquently described the battle we have within ourselves. Much like Shakespearean plays, our minds are the stage that sin tries to… Continue reading I Battle With My Flesh…DAILY

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Farewell Past 

Have you ever seen an infomercial advertising a detergent that "leaves things looking like new" and thought sounds too good to be true? It's that same skepticism which keeps us from seeking God's forgiveness. I've often thought, there's no way God can forgive me now, thinking that He wouldn't be able to see past my… Continue reading Farewell Past 

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You Probably Won’t Read This

If I can't be honest with myself, how can I be honest with the world?  Allow me a moment of your time to share a piece of my heart. I didn't start my page just to paint a perfect picture. Life isn't always seen through rose-tinted glasses. There are issues, real issues that we don't like… Continue reading You Probably Won’t Read This