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Letter to the Past

Dear Past, I think we've danced this dance for far too long. I'm tired of being hurt by you and feeling worthless on account of the things occurred. This is the last time I fall for that. I refuse to let you continue dictating my present. I refuse to let you be a constant reminder… Continue reading Letter to the Past

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Choose Right

It's easier to do wrong but the opposite is more rewarding.

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It Was Worth It ☔️

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This Giant and I

Heart pacing, mind racing both running in sync. This silence is so loud I can’t hear myself think. The walls close in, I’m enveloped in a cocoon. Hiding on an island by myself, I’m marooned. Too afraid to face my fears I’d rather turn around and run. Too weak from all my tears I’ve let… Continue reading This Giant and I

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The View

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My Rant

I'm on this road called "Life" Wondering about the things I've seen  Because on this road called "Life"  I've encountered the obscene, downright mean, and many pitiful scenes My question to the people is  Where do we get off? My question is  Why do we act phony, like cheap knockoffs, and why is it right… Continue reading My Rant

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Life Lessons

I'm a student of life, constantly learning new lessons and reinforcing the old ones.